A bit about Baplink

Baplink is a ministry of Queensland Baptists (QB) and provides financial services to QB Churches, Baptist Pastors and ministries affiliated with QB.


The oversight of Baplink is provided by the Baplink Management Council, and we are greatly blessed to have this group of skilled and dedicated people with a heart for Baplink and the expansion of the kingdom of God throughout Queensland.


Baplink offers loans to:

  • Queensland Baptists Churches
  • Registered Queensland Baptists Pastors
  • Ministries affiliated with Queensland Baptists

How can I as an individual partner with Baplink?

  1.  Open a Fixed Term Investment
  2.  Open a Kingdom Offset Account to partner with your QB Church.

Loans provided by Baplink contribute to:


  • New Queensland Baptists Churches
  • Existing Queensland Baptists Churches
  • Christian Schools & Childcare Facilities
  • Supporting community welfare projects

How does Baplink support Queensland Baptists Churches?


  • Transactional accounts for Queensland Baptists Churches, Pastors, Ministries and Affiliates.
  • Online access through BAPNET and access using Apple and Android phones via the BAPAPP.
  • Kingdom Offset Accounts to offset Queensland Baptists Church interest.
  • Implementation, Setup, Training and Ongoing Support for Xero Accounting Software.
  • Queensland Baptists Ministry Grants.

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We’ve Been Serving QB Churches For Over 25 Years

The friendly team at Baplink facilitate the processing of loans and provide transactional support to the QB movement, while consistently meeting rigorous compliance imposed by legislation.

The team also assist with setting up and training in Xero, the online accounting system, which is operational in over 160 churches across Queensland.

Talk to our Friendly Team:

1800 650 062 (Toll Free)

Frequently asked Questions

How can we help you?

Check our Frequently asked Questions or contact our friendly team for further assistance.

What's the cut-off time for transactions?

Our cut-off is 3.45pm. Please ensure your payments are fully authorised by 3.40pm to ensure they are processed.

What's my daily limit and how can I increase it?

$20,000 is the default limit. If you need to increase your limit, then you can request this by email.

If you require a temporary limit increase, two signatories on the specific account need to email baplink@baplink.org.au with the amount required, the specific account, and the date.

If you require a permanent limit increase, please contact us to discuss what confirmation we require to enable this.

Having large online limits can increase your risk so for security reasons it is best to keep your limits to a minimum.

What do I need to be identified by Baplink?
  1. Complete an ID form.
  2. Take the completed form and your drivers licence to be certified by a Justice of the Peace / Commissioner for Declarations OR a Baptist Pastor Registered with QLD Baptists.
What do I need to change signatories on a Church or Affiliate account?
  1. Complete the signed change of signatory form.
  2. Attach Acceptable Minutes,  that clearly state what changes you are making. The minutes must be on letterhead and must be signed by two people that were present.
What constitutes “Acceptable Minutes” ?

“Acceptable Minutes” must meet ALL the following conditions:

  • Clearly state what changes you are making,
  • The minutes must be on letterhead
  • Must be signed by two people that were present.

Please see our Forms and Resources page for our Sample Minutes to guide you through the wording.

What do I need to do to get a purchasing card?

Please visit our Purchasing Card page for the forms and processes required to set this up. 

Do I need "acceptable minutes" to apply for a purchasing card?
Yes, always.
Why is there debit interest on my S5 insurance account?

As in previous years, we continue to offer churches the ability to pay their annual insurance premium over a number of months, with the final payment to be made no later than the 30th June 2023.
After many years of offering this as a free service, we now have a small interest charge for holding the insurance premiums.  An interest rate of 2% p.a. will be applied monthly to the balance in arrears.  Interest charge will commence one month after Insurance Renewal