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The BAPAPP provides our clients and signatories with a secure and convenient way to access their Baplink accounts on their smartphone. You can check account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and so much more! BAPAPP also makes Baplink much more accessible to our churches and pastors than ever before.

BAPAPP Features:

  • Pay Bills with BPAY®
  • Transfer money between your Baplink accounts and to external Payees
  • Schedule recurring future transfers
  • Check the account balance and recent transactions

  • Get the latest news and offers
  • Locate the nearest Baptist church
  • Useful financial calculators that help with managing finances
  • *NEW* 2-to-sign functionality


To access the features of the BAPAPP, you will first need access to BAPNET (online access). The first time you login to the app you will need your existing Login Number and Password. Once your device has been registered you will be required to Select a Lock mode, which allows for easy access to your account.

Can I get BAPAPP?

Find out if you are eligible for the BAPAPP by sending an email to and we will get back to you. 

Frequently asked BAPAPP Questions

How can we help you?

Check our Frequently asked Questions or contact our friendly team for further assistance.

What is the difference between BAPAPP and BAPNET?

BAPAPP is an application available for your Apple or Android phone.
BAPNET is a secure website, which is accessed via an Internet browser.

What devices can access BAPAPP?

BAPAPP is not compatible with Windows and Blackberry devices. BAPAPP is not specifically designed for use on Android and Apple tablets (iPads etc) but can still be installed and used.

Do I have to set a PIN on BAPAPP?

When registering your phone on BAPAPP you will be asked for your Login Number and your BAPNET password.

Once registered, BAPAPP will ask for you to set a 4 to 9 digit PIN to conveniently log in to BAPAPP.  You will have to set a PIN or a Pattern to use BAPAPP.

What do I do if I have forgotten my PIN?
  1. Select the option ‘Forgot login details’ at the login page. 
  2. You will then be asked to login with your Login Number and BAPNET password and then will be prompted to set a new PIN
I received the notification "Registered devices for your accounts have changed. Do you wish to review them?" What does this mean? Do I need to do anything?

That message will appear if you have registered BAPAPP on another/multiple devices.

You can select Yes if you want to view and manage the different devices. If you are worried that your account/login has been compromised, please contact Baplink as soon as possible.

How do I log out of BAPAPP?

To log out on an iPhone, simply press the circle home button on the bottom of the phone. This will also take you back to your home screen.

To log out on an Android phone, tap the padlock image in the top left corner.

My transfer isn't going through and it's asking for a transfer password. What is the TRANSFER PASSWORD?

The transfer password is your BAPNET password but in all UPPERCASE LETTERS. For example, if your password is Monday1, your transfer password will be MONDAY1.