Frequently asked Questions About  Corporate Cards

What are the fees?

A card fee is charged once a year for $60.00 (on a pro rata basis).

What can I use my card for?

The card can be only used for purchases. You will not be able to withdraw cash. 

How will my card be delivered?

With a new card application, the card will be sent to the nominated Westpac branch for collection.

With cards that are renewed (where they have expired), they will be sent to your Church/Organisation. 

My card is expiring soon. When will I get my renewal card?

Any renewal cards are first sent to Baplink. The card will then be posted to the appropriate Church/Organisation for the Cardholder.

What to do if my card is lost/stolen/damaged?

If a card is lost/stolen/damaged please ring Westpac on 1300 650 107 for a replacement card.

How to query or dispute a transaction?

For any queries/disputes on transactions, please contact Westpac on 1300 650 107.

How to cancel a card that is no longer required?

If a card is no longer required, the card is to be destroyed and Baplink is to be notified with the following information:

  • Cardholder Name
  • Last 6 digits of the card
  • Confirmation the Card has been destroyed 
Getting Online Access - Church/Affiliate

A Church can view all its cards online by following our Guide.

Getting Online Access - Individual Cardholder

If the Cardholder wants to view their card online – they can register for online access at any Westpac branch.

Why don't my statements match the month?

The statement cycle normally ends on the 28th of each month, and then the statement is posted to the nominated address.

What is the closing balance on my statement?

The closing balance on the statement is automatically paid from a Baplink account between 7-10th of each month.

How do I top up/put more money onto the card?

A top up is where we transfer extra funds onto the card, to increase the available balance. 

If a top up is required on the card, it can be done through BAPNET with the following details:

  • Biller Code: 5181
  • Reference: the card number is inserted here

Please note BPAY payments normally take 2-3 business days to reach the card.