Hardship – What is it?

Lately we have been receiving requests to access funds outside the terms and conditions of the investment. Usually these are hardship applications so we would like to explain how this works.

Baplink operates as a Religious Charitable Development Fund under an Exemption to the Banking Act (1959). One of the conditions we must comply with is that we are unable to grant retail investors access to their funds sooner than the required 31-day waiting period.

However, there is an exception to the 31-day waiting period: We are able to release funds sooner if the retail investor is able to demonstrate “that he or she is subject to exceptional circumstances that may lead to hardship”.

So, what is hardship? It covers a range of emergencies including urgent medical expenses. We are unable to provide you with a definitive list and we are required by law to request that you explain your hardship circumstances in writing. You can be assured, however, we will respond compassionately and diligently to any request we receive.

If your situation does not meet the hardship rationale (e.g., expenses for holidays), we are not permitted to release your funds early, and we will require you to complete a 31 Days’ Notice form.

At Baplink, we strive to be considerate of our investors’ needs and circumstances while also ensuring that we operate according to our legal and regulatory obligations.

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