Fixed Term Investment Rates
Effective 01 July 2023


6 Months4.55% pa
12 Months4.90% pa
24 Months4.25% pa
36 Months4.05% pa

Access Accounts Interest Rates

Effective 1 March 2022


$0 – $49,9990.00% pa
$50,000 – $99,9990.00% pa
$100,000 & over0.00% pa

Please Note

Rates are subject to change without notice with the exception of fixed term investments already lodged. Interest is calculated on daily balances and paid or accumulated half yearly unless otherwise agreed. If an investment is requested to be repaid prior to the agreed maturity, a period of 31 days notice will generally commence from the date that Baplink receives the request to break the investment. If any break cost is applicable, it will be determined and agreed on the day the investment is returned. If the request to break an investment prior to maturity is related to a condition of hardship, please contact Baplink.


The Baptist Union of Queensland (Queensland Baptists) is required by law to notify investors that:
Condition 11 of Banking Exemption No. 1 2021 Queensland Baptists (the Fund) is not prudentially supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. Therefore, an investor in the Fund will not receive the benefit of the financial claims scheme or the depositor protection provisions in the Banking Act 1959. Investments in the Fund are intended to be a means for investors to support the charitable purposes of the Fund. Banking exemption No. 1 of 2021 ( General Advice Warning The information contained in this presentation is of a general nature only and has been prepared without taking account of any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs.  Persons considering investing with Queensland Baptists should consider the appropriateness of the investment in light of their own circumstances and read the documentation and the Identification Statement before making a decision.  Queensland Baptists is not licensed to provide financial product advice in relation to these investments.  Investors do not have a cooling-off period within which to withdraw their investment if they change their mind.